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Angels in Iron

Praise for Angels in Iron:

The novel's principal strength is its attention to historical detail and the unrelenting realism with which the battle scenes—and there are many—are described....The violence, moreover, is not gratuitous; its effect is to highlight the reality of war, not glorify it. Rather it is the courage, fortitude and faith of the Knights that Prata successfully glorifies....In addition to being an exciting action/adventure yarn and quite a page-turner, Angels in Iron is valuable as a miniature history lesson as well....This is a book that belongs on the bookshelf of every Catholic man, should be read by every Catholic boy (11 or older, I would say), and stocked by every Catholic school library."
Latin Mass Magazine

"Although I trusted that the story would be fast-paced, I doubted it would engage my short attention span for that long.  Starting early on a Saturday morning, I planned to read for only a couple of hours.  Instead, I ended up spending the entire day reading Angels in Iron; the book was impossible to put down. As Prata vividly described the perilous progression of one of the most fascinating battles ever, my daily routine was shoved aside....Before I knew it, the book was completed and it was late afternoon. This book encourages faith while providing accurate and interesting historical information on one of the most incredible battles ever.  It is a thrilling read, and especially recommended for boys age eleven and up."
The Kolbe Academy Little Home Journal

Prata brings this fascinating tale to life by giving the characters real personalities. They are not mere pawns used to further the plot of the story. Interesting subplots abound....The overwhelming theme is courage, honor, and the Catholic faith. The knights know what the loss of this island will mean. They are willing to die for their faith. There are also many touching moments regarding their Faith. Even though they are in the midst of war, the knights celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. A conversation takes place between a squire from Germany who wants to take up arms in defense of the Faith and a knight from Italy who advises, 'All in good time, little brother. Youth must learn that service is more than death. We must strive to live for the Word before we can die for it.' The book is a real page-turner."
— Elizabeth Yank for Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers

"Angels in Iron is compellingly written and surprisingly difficult to put down....The characters are well developed and the pace of the novel is brisk. The short chapters are like potato chips...you can't stop after just a few and you keep going back for more. A fascinating read for adults and teens...."
The St. Linus Review

"After reading this inspiring work, one is drawn to the inescapable conclusion that, above all, it was the knight’s abnegation for the Faith that led to victory....The story is engaging and inspiring. Not only will its non-stop action keep you on the edge of your seat, but it exemplifies the virtue of abnegation, so necessary for faithful Catholics in these trying times."
— Michael Whitcraft for The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property

"Prata caught my interest immediately with his outstanding depiction of the Siege of Malta. He fully captures the reality of the situation and has no problems with portraying the bravery, sacrifice, loss, anguish, and frustration of both sides....Real history told in an entertaining fashion. I couldn't put it down."
Nth Degree: The Fiction and Fandom 'Zine

"The West owes the Knights of St. John a tremendous debt of gratitude, and this impeccably researched historical novel shows why...blistering hold-the-fort action, with swords and axes on the battlements, knives in the water, pickaxes and shovels under the earth...starts fast and never lets up. Highly recommended; Nick Prata has done a tremendous job, and I'm looking forward to his next!"
—Mark Rogers, author of the Samurai Cat series and Zorachus

“Among his brethren La Valette inspired awe, almost fear, and his mere presence extracted superhuman effort from otherwise ordinary men. Every ounce of his being proclaimed him a warrior, and his determined comportment promised that only death would sheath his sword.”

The year is A.D. 1523 and the island of Rhodes has just fallen to the Turks. Those sailing away in defeat from this captured bastion are members of an anachronistic crusading order called the Knights of St. John -- otherwise known as the Hospitallers. Among the dejected company is a stalwart young knight named Jean Parisot De La Valette. Were it up to him, the order would have defended the island to the bitter end.

Forty-two years later, history has repeated itself. The Hospitallers are again besieged by the teeming armies of the relentless Turk. Their tiny island-fortress of Malta is all that stands between the armies of Suleiman and the very heart of Christendom. But this time the scenario is different -- La Valette wears the Grand Master's cape. Behind him stand the knights of his faithful order: men of incredible valor ready to "strike a blow for Christ" and sacrifice their lives to halt the invading Turks at the gates of Europe. What follows is an desperate struggle between East and West, Cross and Koran, faith and despair.

Angels in Iron is based on the actual events surrounding the Siege of Malta in 1565. Nicholas C. Prata relates the tale in riveting and graphic prose which brings the extreme heroism of the knights and the unimaginable horror of combat sharply into focus. Read an excerpt and prepare yourself for an epic adventure.

About the Author:
Nicholas C. Prata resides in Bear, Delaware and is also the author of Kerebos and Dream of Fire fantasy epics examining the nature of evil and the possibility of redemption for even the most wicked men.



2004 ~ 313 pages + map and glossary
paperback ~ 978-1-889758-56-5
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