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“Is Any Man as Evil or as Great as Rumor Makes Him?”
“Even a blood-thirsty murderer like Kerebos was not always so,” Dokein said, clipping an unruly rosebush, “and perhaps may not be again.”

Antiphon assumed a pensive look, almost forlorn. “But he has embraced evil to such an extent that it owns him. What chance have I, a mere priest—and not a saintly one—to confront him?”

Dokein smiled paternally. He picked up a hefty codex from a nearby pedestal and handed it to Antiphon. On the cover was one word—KEREBOS. “Take this,” the old man said. “Read it and understand how the greatest butcher of our time came to be so. And perhaps, in its pages, you will discover how the damage may be undone.”

Kerebos, by Nicholas C. Prata, (Arx Publishing, July 2007, paperback, 368 pages + maps, ISBN: 9781889758794, list price: $22.95) tells the tale of farmer’s son Livios Rapax. Fleeing from an unforgivable crime, young Livios falls into the hands of the notorious Black Legion—an army of outlaws who are the terror of all Pangaea. With unmatchable strength, a deadly sword arm, and an agile mind, he quickly earns his chiampuglia or battle name—Kerebos. Leaving a trail of broken enemies in his wake, Kerebos rises through the ranks. But his compromises with the Legionnaire’s depravity and with his own conscience push his soul deeper into an earthly damnation.

Kerebos unfolds with the same epic sweep and complex, fascinating characters as Dream of Fire, Prata’s highly praised first fantasy novel. The second part of the Kerebos story, Dream of Fire was called, “an intellectually challenging but very rewarding work of dark fantasy,” by Rambles Cultural Arts Magazine. Commenting on Dream of Fire, Nth Degree Fiction and Fandom Magazine said, “The character of Kerebos Ikar is one of the best written heroes/anti-heroes that I’ve come across in a while.”

About the Author:  Nicholas C. Prata resides in Delaware. He is also the author of Angels in Iron, a work of historical fiction that recounts the climactic battle between Crusaders and Turks in 16th century Malta.