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Highlights from our catalog...

The Life of Saint Ambrose
A Translation of the Vita Sancti Ambrosii by Paulinus of Milan

translated by Sr. Mary Simplicia Kaniecka

Ambrose of Milan is one of the towering figures of the late 4th century AD: a fierce opponent of heretics, admonisher of emperors, voluminous writer, worker of miracles, and the spiritual father of other great saints. This biography of Ambrose was written by one of the deacons who served under him: Paulinus of Milan. Paulinus was encouraged in this biographical effort by none other than Saint Augustine of Hippo, Ambrose's most famous disciple. More...

Christian Roman Empire series, Volume 13
96 pp. ~ paperback ~ 978-1-935228-19-6 ~ $16.95

I Am A Christian
Authentic Accounts of Christian Martyrdom and Persecution from the Ancient Sources
compiled and edited by Anthony P. Schiavo, Jr.

Christians of today face questions that would have seemed absurd to our ancestors. Did Jesus exist? Isn't the New Testament just a fairy tale? Aren't the accounts of the early martyrs just fables? These accusations gain traction because the average person today has practically no knowledge of the Church's ancient past. I Am A Christian: Authentic Accounts of Christian Martyrdom and Persecution from the Ancient Sources aims to remedy this deficiency by providing a collection of the earliest and most trustworthy eye-witness accounts from Roman antiquity. More...

216 pp. + paperback ~ 978-1-935228-18-9 ~ $14.95

Three Years behind the Guns
by John B. Tisdale

Originally written in 1908, Three Years Behind the Guns is an amusing, gritty look at life aboard the flagship Olympia at a time when the United States was on the cusp of becoming a great power. Though a memoir, the author writes with all the youthful exuberance of the age and finds himself, much to his surprise, with a front-row seat to the naval battle at Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. More...

244 pp. + 70 illus. ~ paperback ~ 978-1-935228-17-2 ~ $16.95

The Daughters of Pola
by John Mason Neale

Daughter of a noble Roman family, Agnella had heard tell of the foul practices of the Christians. What good Roman wouldn’t hate such a vile sect? When Diocletian declared that all must sacrifice to the immortal gods or be punished, Agnella’s father, Marcus Acilius Dolabella, præfect of Histria, was quick to put the emperor’s command into effect, little suspecting that his own daughter's actions would provide seed for the burgeoning Christian Church. More...

152 pp. + 4 illus. ~ paperback ~ 978-1-935228-16-5 ~ $13.95

Angels in Iron 
by Nicholas C. Prata

"In addition to being an exciting action/adventure yarn and quite a page-turner, Angels in Iron is valuable as a miniature history lesson as well....This is a book that belongs on the bookshelf of every Catholic man, should be read by every Catholic boy (11 or older, I would say), and stocked by every Catholic school library."
—Latin Mass Magazine

313 pp. ~ 1 map ~ paperback ~ 978-1-889758-56-5 ~ $16.95

Welcome to the Arx Publishing web site...

Arx is a Latin word meaning ‘fortress’ or ‘citadel’. Arx Publishing is a small press seeking to give a voice to authors whose books uphold traditional Catholic values and promote the Culture of Life. Titles published under the Arx imprint represent a mix of genres including historical fiction, high fantasy, and poetry. While some of our books do not contain obvious Catholic content, they all explore some aspect of spiritual and moral conflict in a way that is not hostile to Church teaching.

At present, Arx has a full pipeline of new book projects in the works and is not seeking unsolicited manuscripts.

Our scholarly imprint, Evolution Publishing, furthers the study of American history and language by republishing and distributing long out-of-print primary source material. Focusing on Native American-related and early colonial era works, Evolution strives to consolidate and preserve this wealth of history for generations to come. Series include The American Language Reprint series, The American Language Reprint Supplement series, The Massinahigan series and The Annals of Colonial North America series.

Evolution also republishes out-of-print works on ancient and medieval European languages and history, including
The Christian Roman Empire, The Fontes Mediaevalium series, The Languages of Classical Antiquity series and The Languages of the Middle Ages series.

A selection of books from our Evolution Publishing imprint...

The Fragmentary History of Priscus on

The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen on

The Complete Works of Saint Cyprian on

The First Crusade

The Life of Saint Hugh of Avalon on

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